Landscaping Companies Provide Even More Than Mowing

Landscaping Companies Provide Even More Than Mowing

Are you aware that most landscaping professionals offer a lot more services than merely mowing? You’ll find quality landscapers that are prepared to try everything from clearing up leaves and branches to constructing complex irrigation system installations. Even if you’re just hiring for any scheduled lawn service, make sure and get the other services they provide, since who knows when you will need to include a walking path or rock garden. Here are a few common procedures they might offer.

One-Time Cleanup

Preserving your yard is definitely an on-going process, but may you’ll need only a one-time appointment to obvious your grounds of leaves and branches. For example, before hosting a celebration, you can get your hedges cleaned and trimmed, flowerbeds mulched, or plant newer and more effective flowers. It may be like you meticulously take care of your yard and have a remarkably high-finish yard service when really it had been a 1-time edit.

Sod and Seed

What if you don’t have grass to mow, you’ve spotty coverage of various kinds of grass, or else you have weeds across your lawn? Let a skilled landscaping company sod or seed your yard to provide you with a brand new, change. Sod can instantly unveil increase your lawn immediately. It will require root inside a couple of days and behave like your natural grass very quickly. Seeding is really a slower process, however, many people prefer the appear and feel of seed to sod.


Installing retaining walls around your house can give your yard added dimension while stabilizing the land. This method can be used mainly for residences which are built with an incline, but you can use it in almost any situation. Walls could be built from wood, blocks, or natural rock. Additional hardscape elements include pathways, patios, and decks.


Your yard is just as healthy because the water you nourish it with. Which includes the regularity and quantity of watering too. This is exactly why every lawn, no matter climate, can usually benefit from a watering by having an automatic timer. A skilled landscaping professional can immediately let you know the number of sprinkler heads your neighborhood needs. After installing of the machine, correctly setting the timer so your grass will get neither over nor under watered is essential. Finally, you need to possess a backflow device in position to maintain your home supply from becoming contaminated through the lawn’s water.

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