Tips for making your roof waste removal easier

Tips for making your roof waste removal easier


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If you are going to replace your roof then you might need dumpster services to collect the waste during the process and easy disposal. You can take off the shingles and throw them in dumpster. After the removal is done, the professionals will install the new roof. Some points that you need to consider regarding roof waste removal are as follows.

Know about the disposal

In some areas of your city, you can dump the used shingles at a landfill. If a shingle-recycling facility is already located near the landfill then they will not allow you to dump your waste materials. You should read the local ordinances and laws for disposing the roofing-material before contacting the dumpster service for your roofing waste. If you see asbestos in your shingles then you need to hire professional roofing contractor.

Estimate weight and volume of shingles

For throwing the used shingles, you need a dumpster. So, you need to estimate weight and volume of shingles that help to get idea how much size of dumpster you need. If your old singles are soaked water, moss growth, heavy corrosion then definitely weight of shingles will increase. You should not overload the dumpster because it can increase the risk of equipment damage and accidents.

Protect the area around the home

Dumpster rental companies can park the dumpster very close to the house structure that allows you to throw shingles into the dumpster without any interruption. But it can damage your windows or other essential items. You can use tarps to protect area around the house.

Hire the rental dumpster

If you never do roof removal or fear working on the high roof, you can hire Sarasota Dumpster Rentals service. They will complete roof removal without and damage. They also know how to decompose your roof waste materials.


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